Effective production management means making the right operational decisions. Lean manufacturing improves plant profitability while reducing the number of personnel in plants but also includes a human element. As operators and other technical staff are replaced by less experienced workers, accumulated knowledge value is lost. Plant engineers are now expected to lead asset optimization initiatives and to select modern process and control technologies but may not fully understand the constraints, capabilities and controls of systems to be responsible for several process areas or to effectively manage outside resources such as consulting firms or manufacturers.

Because critical plant investment has a direct impact on the future profitability of a manufacturing plant, Enero Solutions provides seminars that are designed to solve these issues. Enero Solutions courses target the following types of employees:

  • Instrument and electrical technicians who want to improve their skills
  • Engineers who need to better understand processes and their capabilities and how to push process constraints to make process units more profitable
  • Management who wants to stay informed of the latest techniques in process control optimization


Enero Solutions offers the following courses:

Process Control and Optimization Seminar
The process control and optimization course is a results-oriented course designed to improve attendees’ abilities to identify and correct control loop problems. This 4-day course is split into an introductory tuning section and a more advanced optimization section.

Focuses on the Internal Model Control (IMC) tuning method for first order and integrating processes. Attendees will learn how to conduct open loop bump tests, determine first order and integrator process dynamics, evaluate non-linearities, and calculate IMC tuning constants. 

Builds on the concepts introduced in the tuning segment. The focus is on optimizing the control system to improve process performance. Main topics include:

  • Development of tuning strategies to improve stability in the key process variables
  • Troubleshooting techniques to identify and correct controller induced variability problems 
  • Techniques to assist in the identification/elimination of process and product variability
  • Time series analysis techniques such as the power spectrum

Learn more about the Process Control and Optimization Seminar >>

Advanced Controls of Energy, Steam and Combustion Seminar
With energy costs rising, steam production has become a major cost center for the manufacturing industry. In order to improve their profitability, plants have reduced the amount of vented or condensed steam and have reduced the number of boilers in operation. Although “closing” the steam system improves the energy efficiency of a plant it also increases the variability of steam quality leading to potential product quality or process operation issues. The Optimization and Controls of Furnaces, Boilers and Steam Plants course explains the different control strategies and process dynamics found in a typical steam plant. This course explains how to make a steam system better integrated, more responsive, robust and energy efficient. Learn more on Advanced Controls of Energy, Steam and Combustion Processes Seminar >>