To increase profitability in today’s competitive global market, manufacturing plants are striving to optimize the return on their assets. In manufacturing plants, the focus is on improving the quality, the price and the availability of a product while reducing manufacturing costs. Process optimization and advanced controls is effective when used to reduce the variability of key process indicators.

Enero Solutions improves the profitability of manufacturing plants by:

  • Understanding the dynamic interactions between key process variables
  • Mastering the process dynamics utilizing specialized engineering tools and knowledge
  • Ascertaining if process objectives can be achieved with current control logic and existing process design

Improving the performance of a manufacturing plant differs from one unit operation to another. However, understanding the process dynamics and optimizing control loops specific to a manufacturing plant do not guarantee optimum control. It also does not guarantee that the solution is robust and/or performs adequately over the long term.

Enero Solutions Optimization Services ensures value is maximized by taking into account all variables and parameters through the following additional evaluation projects

Process Dynamic Studies
Process Performance and Optimization Projects
Steam System Optimization and Energy Audits
Valve Dynamic Performance Testing
Remote Control Engineering