Through its extensive field work experience, Enero Solutions’ performance consultants have long recognized that the implementation of advanced process control technology and automation leads to significant improvements in plant operation, flexibility and profitability. However, the dynamic properties of a plant, its process and operating constraints and uncontrollable disturbances limit the process performance and control capability. Further process improvement can only be achieved by:

  • Identifying the source of process variability issues on Key Process Indicators (HawkView)
  • Identify the process dynamic constraints and the control capability of unit processes (HawkView)
  • Identify the dynamic performance of field instrumentation (ValveTester)
  • Testing the impact of different processes and process control alternatives to the capability of a plant (Process Simulation)
  • Adding new process equipment to the manufacturing unit in order to match the process operating objectives and constraints to the process dynamics of the plant (QuickSteam Boiler)

Enero Solutions technical personnel have identified a number of solutions that improve plant assets. The following products and equipment developed by Enero Solutions specifically target improvement opportunities in manufacturing plants: