At Enero Solutions, we understand that poor process data and control implementation at the organizational level often result in less than satisfactory overall process performance. With so many events happening at once, it can be hard to sort through all the data in order to set priorities. To go beyond controller tuning adjustments, a deep understanding of process dynamics and control variable interactions is required to fully maximize the profitability of specific manufacturing process units.

A Proactive Approach to Performance Issues

At Enero Solutions, we work with our clients to determine the most cost effective solution to improve process performance and help reduce the variability of key process indicators by leveraging our in-depth understanding of process dynamics. The specificity of a process unit usually dictates if the variability of key process indicators can be eliminated using feedback control alone. If dynamic testing reveals that simple feedback control does not attenuate process disturbances, the following solutions are proposed to resolve performance issues:

- Implementing Advanced Control Logic to reduce variability
- Changing the process design to eliminate the root causes of variability or to move the variability to less critical process areas.

Enero performance engineers have the experience to quickly assess if the existing control logic is adequate and to propose potential improvements to a given process. Our engineers can review your existing installation and prepare control and instrumentation solutions tailored to your application, budget and requirements.

Turn-Key Process Performance Solutions for your Industry

Enero Solutions provides cost-effective process and control optimization solutions that enable companies to cut costs and improve decision making processes in the following industries: